Hi, my name is Era.🌻 I’m an artist/filmmaker based in Auroville.

I’m looking to Hire an Art/Film Assistant (a woman/queer) on a part time basis for —
1. assisting on video shoots
2. ⁠doing small editing work
3. ⁠subtitling videos
4. ⁠organising data
5. ⁠some publishing work
6. ⁠some miscellaneous work

It’s a nicely paid gig with a commitment of a minimum of 3 months and can go upto 1 year if we love each other deeply. This is especially an awesome opportunity for anyone willing to learn the art of storytelling and filmmaking.

Please contact if you’re the one or share with your friends who might be interested.

PS: You can find me on Instagram @era.tangar and watch my latest YouTube film here — https://youtu.be/2KHddK2D0qU?si=2vmpN6XqeLwcZs2c — to understand my work better.

🌻Thank you 🌙