From August to December 2022 PACT Zollverein is offering a residency programme for the development and realisation of projects and productions, which is open to professional artists from both Germany and abroad working in the fields of dance, performance and media art. Residencies are planned individually and include a working space and local accommodation as well as financial support in the form of a weekly grant allowance and travel costs*. By arrangement and subject to requirement, PACT Zollverein also offers its residents technical support. In keeping with its unique structure, PACT Zollverein sees itself as a place of encounter and exchange and, together with all its contributors, welcomes the readiness of others to share their own work processes in open and freely definable forms.

Closing date for applications: 16th of February 2022

A residency incorporates the following

Studio space (from 69 to 173 sq.m.)
― Local accommodation (max. 4 people)
― Period of 3 to 6 weeks
― Weekly grant allowance for all of the residency project participants (max. 4 people)
― Travel costs covering one journey only per participant to and from PACT Zollverein (max. 4 people)*
― Technical equipment (by arrangement and subject to availability)
― Professional technical support (by arrangement and subject to availability)

* Principally, the least environmentally harmful means of transport available should be chosen.
Due to the current highly dynamic COVID-19 situation, we reserve the right to make adjustments to the terms of residencies in consultation with the applicants if necessary. 

PACT is pleased to facilitate barrier-free and family-friendly residences by arrangement. 

We only accept residency applications submitted via our online residency application process

Closing date for applications: 16th of February 2022. All complete applications received by this date will be considered and you will be informed of the panel’s decision by e-mail.

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