screen-shot-2017-09-01-at-5-02-14-pmCreative Expressions”, is a large format coffee table book, portraying the arts and crafts of Auroville. Our photographer, and core team member, Vimal Bhojraj conceptualized the book, to bring out the beauty and essence of each product and its creation. Using photographs and poems, the book aims to permeate the viewer with a feel of Auroville, as well as the motivating force driving the activities taking place in Auroville. This is a welcome invitation to delve into the limitless arts and craft in Auroville, of 30 different artists and craftsmen of woodwork, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, garments & accessories, and decoration items to name a few. Vimal displays these not only as commercially viable products but also highlights the spirit behind them, with sensibility and poetry.

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