Unity Pavilion is launching a series of Poetry Reading sessions where we collectively enjoy the beauty and subtlety of mystic poetry by
some of the very famous Indian Poets of the 12th to 19th century: Rumi, Tukaram, Kabir, Mirabai, Nazrul, Tagore, Subramania Bharati and
Sri Aurobindo and many more.

Among our readers are accomplished actors, play-writers and theatre artists blessed with a graced voice to bring out the ethos and delicate nuances of mystic poetry.

The first of these sessions shall take place
At Unity Pavilion
On Sunday, 17 September, 5 pm
Readers: Srimoyi, Joy, Maurice & Cristof

Please do inform and invite all your friends who do not read the N&N but who might be interested in discovering mystic poetry
For more information please contact us – phone 2623 576 e-mail: unitypavilion@auroville.org.in