grace-kolam”It is the Goddesses that collect all the sublime material of the feminine.
Weaving tapestries of qualities needed to nurture and assist the becoming of an Earthling.’                                                                           ‘
Their footprints gather and melt with those of the Goddesses.
Theirs is the blueprint that manifests into the shapes of Goddesses!’

  • 23rd November 14th or
    28th December on Wednesday          9:30 to12:30  Maheswari
  • 24th November or
    15th or 29th December on a Thursday     9:30 to12:30  Mahakali
  • 25th November or
    16th or 30th December on a Friday    9:30 to12:30   Mahalaksmi
  • 26th November or
    17th or 31st December on a Saturday 9:30 to12:30  MahasaraswatiExplore the four great aspects of the Mother Goddesses through dance and drawing.

Learn how to draw their Kolam charm to help empower you and inspire you with their qualities.
To better understand yourself and discover which one of them is your personal guiding force.

Three times offered four mornings in a row. 3x 4mornings one after the other 🙂

Attend to one of all four mornings in a row !

A monetary contribution is expected from every one to cover all expenses made in order to host you,

Including a spiral bound work manual to take with you. For all the participants of SEAS highly recommended 😉

For more information and on prior registration!
Contact: Grace Gitadelila; certified integral artist, teacher and dancer
‘de Kolam school’, Institute voor klank en vorm, Netherlands    at the  Kolangal

DD in D center. Douceur +91(0) 413-2623446