kolamKOLAM YOGA Learn all about Kolam Yoga:

  • A practice that is fueled with the sacred geometry of Kolam dance and drawing.
  •  A syllabus composed of imagery, patterns and designs, mirroring all life forms.
  • A sacred ephemeral art that has been passed on through generations of Tamil women as guardian keepers of long forgotten formulas of truth.
  • A powerful integral tool, for life and its purpose, co-creating personal and collective newfound intentions.


Starting January 2017 Pongal Celebrations

Ending December 2017 Margharzi Masam

A ONE-year certified course of; 20 days spread over 10 months

One day every two weeks: 2x a Month, with homework practice assignment.


For entry requirements, learning material, the data and program schedule contact:

Grace Gitadelila Certified Kolam art, movement teacher and remedial therapist from ‘de Kolam school’ Inst. voor Klank en Vorm, Netherlands Also Choreographer and Dancer, teaching various disciplines of dance. Is Founder of the Kolangal DD in D Center for ‘Dance and Drawing’

Douceur community Auroville Tamil-Nadu South India

Contact:   allgrace@auroville.org.in   +91(0) 413-2623446