Join us for our 13th annual Eco-Festival!

ecoMusic, ecoArt, ecoWorkshops, ecoReels, ecoTalks, ecoWalks, ecoCafe, and ecoHaat

Where: Online

It’s lockdown time in India, there is distress and despair all around and though we are all trying to do many collective activities online, we do miss the energy and the excitement, the inspiration, the creativity the nurturing experiences and sharing that comes with physical events.  

At the Kriti team, we miss our annual ecofestivals to mark World Environment Day (5th June) where ecoMusic, ecoArt, ecoWorkshops, ecoReels, ecoTalks, ecoWalks, ecoCafe, and ecoHaat was what the Environment Day weekend and month was made of.

Since we are also in the midst of intensive Covid-19 Relief work among vulnerable communities in Dehradun, Delhi, and Haryana, we thought we should keep this year’s celebration low-key and online with whatever is possible, but we must celebrate and mark this day with energy, hope and sustainable, ecofootprints. 

Join us for our13th Annual EcoFestival  

The theme of World Environment Day this year is ‘Reimagine. Recreate. Restore’ and its focal point is ecosystem restoration.
“Ecosystem restoration means preventing, halting and reversing this damage- to go from exploiting nature to healing it”, according to the UN.

World Environment Day Greetings from all of us at the Kriti team
(Kriti Film Club, Gestures and Astitva programme members). 

Stay safe and stay connected !

EcoReels  a selection of films for you to watch up to Monday 14th June 2021 here. More will follow each weekend after!
Watch the films, talk about them, share your responses, and tell others too. 
Enable Kriti Film Club to continue bringing #thoughtprovokingcinema to you and local communities. You can make a contribution here or get in touch on space.kriti@gmail.comfor doing more together. 

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EcoHaat –With handmade eco-friendly products, you can move forward with confidence knowing you’re not causing any harm to the environment. Make an ecofootprint towards sustainable living and supporting community livelihoods by shopping here today. 

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Make human and ecofootprints this Environment Day month!

If you feel like it and your pockets allow, please also consider making a donation today for a Monthly Ration Kit for a vulnerable family in Dehradun, affected by the Covid-19 induced lockdown. 

At home and in your community, sow a seed, plant a pot with something to nurture in green, plant a tree, make an ecopledge to reduce plastic use, recycle as much as you can, restore and rethink your choices each day to save and conserve the environment. 

Breathe, Love, Create, Conserve, Nurture NATURE within you and in the natural environment.