The Ultimate Void
A Presentation Of Photographs By Madhur Dhingra

  • When: 3rd March 2022, 4.30 PM
  • Where: Centre dArt Citadines , Auroville

About the Photographer:

Madhur Dhingra is a photographer based in New Delhi –India . An advertising photographer by profession. Madhur specialises in product photography, but his heart lies in shooting people, telling stories.  Photography happened to him as a matter of chance.  He was gifted a camera by his family and a mere curiosity turned into a lifetime passion.

Madhur has learned his basics of photography from Triveni Kala Sangam, Mandi House, New Delhi, a renowned photography institute and art center. After that initial learning he has been self-learning through books, internet and experimentation.  After Basic Course from Triveni Kala Sangam in the year 1995, Madhur got fascinated by product photography and soon started shooting products for major advertising agencies of Delhi like O&M, MAA, Interface and a host of others.  He held his first solo exhibition “Where Man Meets God” in the year 1998 at India International Center New Delhi with a preview held at Art Konsult a renowned art gallery of Delhi. His preview & exhibition were widely acclaimed by important art critics and artists of India alike. After shooting product for some years Madhur started shooting for a personal quest where he searched answers to some fundamental questions about life, its meaning and purpose and then later understanding about nature of ‘Reality’. His quest has taken him to every nook and corner of India meeting sadhus, philosophers, scientists and charlatans alike. The genre of his images is Abstract Street Photography / Impressionist Street Photography / Fine Art Street Photography. Madhur just finished his first story titled “Shunyata – The Ultimate Void”. This story has been widely acclaimed and published by many print & digital magazines all over the world.