“The World Post Contemporary Wave” is an unique platform of Narrative Movements, in which we are trying to spread Art Awareness simultaneously in 40 places all over the world, curated by 44 artist curators with the participation of more than 200 artists nationally and internationally to celebrate ‘World Art Day’ on 15th April.

Venue: Kottakarai Village Bus Stop, Tamil Nadu, 8:00 – 23:00

Narrative Movements is an International Artist Group with the objective to create a healthy artistic atmosphere and search for a new avenue through our own roots. Our motto is to build International integration and peaceful atmosphere through the bridge between Global Art & Culture.

During these desperate times, we often blur the similarities between a real work of art and an art itself. It is equally tough for us to grow beyond these tough times when all we look for an opportunity to create something new in an unconventional way, which can set forth the beginning of a new era. We have often seen art originating from a single sensory stimulus that can’t be compared with the so called norms of the society. We human beings are born creative but the nurturing factors make a big difference in laying down the continuance for it. So if we are able to bring art out into the people, we might never know what sort of emotions we can stir within the public who has no knowledge about its origin except the fact of accepting it with hearty appreciation. And that’s when the idea of “Post Contemporary Wave” came into being.

It is just another way of exposing the mass people with the beautiful touch of art and thus invoking a sense of artistic encouragement to pick up their brushes and creating something beautiful. It is just another way of making the art available to the common people which was before limited to them. In the end it is equally beautiful to see the common people becoming part of this beautiful exhibition in the public areas and getting encouraged creating some new artworks on their own. Their smile makes us to realize how beautiful the touch of art is and how free it is from every single complication. We are providing a common platform to dream and be a part of our dream, through create an artistic environment that can spread positive vibrations for the future to generations to follow.

“Post Contemporary Wave” is the first of its kind of Public Exhibition, held within a public space, meant totally for the cause of public. It is another unconventional way of bringing the art out for display in front of the local people, so that they can also enjoy the artworks created by various artists from various countries from all over the world. In this way we are not only making an attempt to create a healthy atmosphere through the spread of art, but also we are trying to create art awareness within the upcoming generation.

‘Narrative Movements’ Annual Event 2017 – ORGANIC WAVE – at Pondicherry

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