Original music composed by Pushkar Carloto

The recital is a repeat of the one I gave in February, for those of you who couldn’t come, and for those who would like to hear it again. Finally, I will also have CDs of the music ready for those interested.
The compositions on the programme are all composed by me, and range from pieces I wrote in my early days (1992) to recent years. They include some pieces from my Children Suite, narrating children’s scenes from Auroville, some playful, other mysterious; also some transcribed improvisations, each creating a very specific mood; a bigger work that took me a few years to finish, the Variations on a famous theme, “Carnevale di Venezia”, 10 variations, that develop the theme until at the end it is completely transformed; two pieces using the well known “Happy birthday” tune, and some other shorter pieces.
Even though some of the pieces can be seen as funny, most of the music on the programme is not for entertainment, but aims at creating a space to enter an atmosphere of retrospection, reflection, awareness, and I invite you to make this happen together with me. Thank you for your presence. Am looking forward to this journey!
Here is the programme:
1. Reminiscence (2014)
2. By the Sea (2014)
3. Prelude “Happy Birthday” No.2 (2004)
4. 5 pieces from “Auroville Children Suite” (1993):
No.1 The mother
No.2 The child
No.7 Bird of paradise
No.10 Out to play
No.12 Boat-ride lullaby
5. 10 Variations on Carnevale di Venezia (2014)
6. Infinite Space (2013)
7. Prelude “Happy Birthday” No.3 (2009)
8. Farewell Song (2014)

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