exhibition proposals imageThe Korean Cultural Centre invites all proposals on exhibitions that can help contribute to promote Korean culture as well as foster the cultural and artistic exchange between Korea and India. Details are as follows:








1. Application

      A. Period: 1st July till 31st August, 2016

      B. Field: Fine arts, handicrafts, pottery, architecture, new media, etc. All proposals related to visual arts exhibitions

      C. Submission: Korean Cultural Centre, India

      Email kccindiagallery@gmail.com (All proposals will be received through email)

    2. Exhibition Duration and Place

      A. Duration: February to December, 2017

      B. Place: Nam June Paik Hall (Exhibition hall), Korean Cultural Centre, India

    3. Evaluation Criteria

        – Contribution towards Korea-India cultural exchange

        – Appropriateness as per size of exhibition hall (140)

        – Overall effect and public response as compared to allocated budget

        – Preference for group exhibitions

        – Potential interest driven toward Indian viewers/visitors

    4. Format of exhibition proposal

        – Within 5 pages, A4 size (additional materials, pictures, etc can be included but should not exceed 10 MB in total size)

        – Please draft proposals based on the following budgetary types

           A type: 2.8 Lakh rupee) / 2 teams expected to be selected)

           B type: 5.6 Lakn rupee) / 2 teams expected to be selected)

        – All exhibitions should be drafted on the basis of one month

        – The Korean Cultural Centre will also bear the cost of inauguration ceremony at the Korean Cultural Centre with in house PR promotion

    5. Proposal Results

        -The applications will be reviewed by the Evaluation committee and will finalize proposals upon conducting a telephone interview.

        – Result Declaration: 20th of August 2016, on an individual basis

    6. Inquiries: 

        Contact the Korean Cultural Centre, India, exhibition in-charge




See more at: http://india.korean-culture.org/en/610/board/414/read/76414#sthash.C1J7MUOa.dpuf