Open Call for New Comics 2020 – 2021

Goethe-Institut invites graphic artists and teams of graphic artists and writers/authors/scenarists to submit proposals for new comics on Indigenous feminist movements and activists from the Global South. Up to ten selected stories will be published in a Comic Anthology in 2021.
The Goethe-Institut is Germany’s international cultural institute and promotes cultural collaboration worldwide. The cultural and educational programs of the institute encourage intercultural dialogue and enable cultural involvement focusing on shared artistic production, reception and reflection from a global perspective.
The narratives of feminism are still written from a predominantly white, western perspective. While feminist claims and positions from the Global North are still marginalized in a patriarchal mainstream, the same holds true to a much broader extent for feminist movements from the Global South. Little information about these movements and their activists is accessible in large knowledge databases such as Wikipedia, and even in the respective native regions of these feminist activists their achievements are often not archived because resources are too scarce or their demands are not thematized.
Initiated by Goethe-Institut Jakarta, the project “Movements and Moments – Feminist Generations” aims to make visible these hidden stories, activisms and protagonists by relating their life stories in the highly accessible format of comics. By emphasizing an Indigenous feminist perspective, which is often linked to decolonial struggles and emancipatory approaches to sustainability, we wish to shed light on one of the most marginalized, underexposed aspects of feminist protests. On the other hand, this project wants to inquire how these often overlooked struggles might be role models for feminist movements worldwide. By publishing these stories from different continents and bringing them into dialogue with each other, we hope to spark interest in archiving and mediating non-Western feminist endeavors.
 We are interested in proposals that:

  • tell a biographical story of a notable activist or a narrative of a whole movement
  • are accessible to a broad audience by telling stories of marginalized activists or movements without compromising aesthetic expression
  • use the democratic form of comics as a tool for testimony, education, and activism

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