A new darkroom attached to Centre d’Art, Citadines was inaugurated on Friday 8th August.

The darkroom is to be used for the processing of film and for printing of analogue photographs. It is primarily funded by Centre d’Art, which was founded by Dominic Darr, herself an analogue photographer, who spent a large chunk of her life in Auroville documenting the development and evolution of the city, especially the construction of the Matrimandir. Hence this darkroom is also to help preserve her legacy and also that of Giorgio Molinari who also spent an inordinate amount of time documenting the important happenings in Auroville, initially through analogue and later and through digital photography. He, along with several other Aurovilians, were instrumental in donating a lot of equipment and chemicals for this darkroom.

Analogue photography is fading fast due to the advent of digital cameras and mobile phone cameras. However, any photographer who has done any analogue photography will attest to the importance and beauty of this process. There is a whole generation born during the digital era that are discovering this form of image-making and are fascinated and curious to learn more. For them this darkroom will hopefully kindle interest in this wondrous process and help create a solid foundation in this medium. 

Thanks to the Centre d’Art team for holding onto and prolonging yet another medium from disappearing from the face of this earth.

By Sasikant Somu