portrait-poumi-par-missa-sami-462x3065-day course at CRIPA -Kala Bhumi Auroville

From 19 to 23 2016 from 9:30 am to 1 pm

By Poumi Lescaut of Paris, choreographer, singer, art therapist …

All know: www.poumi.com

Workshop of contemporary sacred dance in synthesis with dynamic yoga, and workshop of exploration of the cosmic consciousness from the earth with the global being. “To see the sacred in itself and in the Other is the key to the transformation of self and of society, which can not function with a single materialistic and fragmented view. It is a question here of recreating the Unit. ”

1h30 preparation yoga and contemporary dance

2h of workshop-experience to explore the theme to go deep inside

Theme proposes to experiment the elements of which we are constituted

Draw the layers of the earth’s aura in connection with the human aura by the language of the body

To travel in the cosmos by meeting each planet of our solar system with the real sounds of the

planets recorded by the Voyager probe.

To go beyond … all connected constantly to the earth …

The course will end with a ritual encompassing the whole.

We end up on an exchange to put words on what we experienced.

Participation: 750 rp / day; For Aurovillians and volunteers: 300 rp / day

It is important to participate in the entire course to receive all the benefits. It is a work on the cosmic memories that one carries in oneself by contacting the depths of the unconscious by the body. The conditioning of openness and perception is done by contemporary dance to be more present to the body, to structure it and to deploy it. Then the workshop where the theme is treated by questioning the memories of the body which becomes the instrument of revelation of these memories.

To register by mail poumi.l@poumi.com the phone will be communicated to you.