Hindustanti classical music lessons (1)

For any more details, get in touch:
Mail: kalarigram@gmail.com
Call: 0413-2622091 | SMS: 94-95-030733
Drop in: Udayan, Edayanchavadi, (Near Adi-Shakti), Auroville P.O.

About Kalarigram:
Kalarigram, next to Adishakti, is a centre for the south Indian martial art form, Kalari. It is also a space for research and exploration into artistic practices, healing and spirituality from the base of Kalari. The vision comes from Veera Sree Swami Gurukkal who started Hindustan Kalari Sangham in Calicut, Kerala almost 60 years ago. Hindustan Kalari Sangham is now a renowned destination for kalari training and ayurvedic healing in Kerala. Kalarigram is also therefore a continuation of a tradition, wisdom handed down and being transformed as it passes from generation to generation.