Celebrate Renewed Joy in 2021Imagine a world filled with healing love, light, laughter and joy Surging forward in 2021, we embody the resilient shining beings we are as we honour and leave behind the pain, tears, fears and losses of 2020.
Initiated by MeDiClown Academy, a registered activity of the Auroville Foundation, India NoseLove Happiness Movement is gaining momentum!  Over 25 partners in the last couple of months have joined – and more are coming on board! We welcome you to find out more, check www.noselove.org.

India NoseLove Happiness Movement is about healing as we collectively create joy, love and heart connections while actively engaging and supporting the economy, good governance, our environment, education, health and wellbeing and dignified livelihoods, which support and sustain the wellbeing of individuals, families, and communities.  These are  in alignment with the UN Sustainable Goals (SDGs).  The Happiness Index is for the people, by the people. According to the 2020 World Happiness Report, India dipped to an all-time low of 144th out of 156 countries. We aim to raise our nation’s happiness index. We are initiating training of new skills and jobs for women and youth in making clown noses (NoseLoves) and becoming Happiness Ambassadors.
NoseLove, the world’s eco-friendly, clown nose, the smallest mask in the world is a symbol of Unity, Love, Peace, and Joy; it belongs to no one, is for everyone and is in everyone. It brings out the youth that never ages. It bridges the past with the future. Each NoseLove is handcrafted and made with love from Palmyra seeds collected from the forests in India.

We have just launched our very first crowdfunding with Goodclap (https://goodclap.com/india-noselove) supporting a healthy happy India for all. We invite you to click the link and contribute. 

On August 15, 2022, India’s 75th anniversary of Independence,  we aim to have created and distributed 7.5 Lakhs. Your generous happy heart and strong support make a difference as we share happiness; healing the world. 
 One Smile. One Laugh. One NoseLove at a time.
Sending you loads of NoseLoves for 2021 and beyond
MeDiClown Academy & India NoseLove Happiness Movement
For more information visit: www.mediclownacademy.org