On Saturday, March 18th, 2017, from 4 pm to 8 pm at SAWCHU building, Bharat Nivas.
On International Women’s Day we salute the women throughout history who have stood up against injustice in their society and those women who continue to fight for change and a better future. Long live the International Women’s Day!

Last fourteen years Mirra Women Group is celebrating the International women’s day along with AV residents and surrounding villagers. Women are often firmly tied to their homes, children, environment and their place, and this confinement influences the outcome of development programs. One could quote various reasons such as shyness, lack of proper guidance, financial background, etc., which prevents women from performing and developing their talents and skills.

The day’s program includes: Kolam competition: The Kolam patterns are mostly created based on dots arranged in different types of grid patterns. However, many non-dot based Kolam patterns also are available. The purpose of Kolam is not merely decorative. Kolam drawing has several social, spiritual and symbolic meanings attached to it. Those who practice it believe that drawing a Kolam purifies the entrance space and this in turn will invite the goddess of wealth Laxmi to enter the house. This they believe would give the inmates wealth and prosperity.

Dance Program: Deepa’s group presents dance performance.

Folk dance by Vijay & his groups. If anybody would like to teach circle
dance please contact Madhi – 2622771, Jayanthi (9786852675), Usha (9443003708) or send an email to: Grace@auroville.org.in .

Support needed: A few years back we stopped the sports event for the Auroville women and the Bio region women due to shortage of funds. There were 400 to 500 women from Auroville and different bioregion areas who are connected to Auroville. Still they are interested in that big event but we have NO funds to realize it and the cost will be approximately sixty thousand for a full day (include sports material, appreciating gift to every women, shamiana, prizes, lunch, refreshment, music etc…)

Therefore, we will offer a very simple event which will cost Rs. 12,500. We always welcome your small or big contributions which are a great help for us. Send your valuable contribution to our Pour Tous account number: 103868.

You encourage and support us also by sending the women who are working in your units and houses to our program. After all, it’s a day of enjoyment for all the women together! Please share this event with Aurovilians, Newcomers, Guests, Friends and Ammas.
Thanking you, Grace On behalf of Mirra Women’s Group