The French Pavilion presents

“Joy of Impermanence”
An Aurovilian Adventure of communitarian creation

Presentation / Conference

Presented by the team of JOI

Saturday 22nd April 2017


Cinema Paradiso

In French and English – 75min

In Auroville, a group of newcomers decided to take the initiative to create a project tuned with their dream of being part of Auroville and embodying its ideals in their daily life.
The project of “JOI” aims at supporting the creation of communities based on five inner principles:

• Impermanence as a spiritual concept and way of life. In this context it includes the fact that the community will move after 5 years;

• Collective intelligence as a way of functioning in order to enhance the community dynamic of managing a common place, but also with the broader community of Auroville throughout workshops, sharing and experiments of Aurovilians on this land;

• Self-sufficiency as a necessity to reduce the needs of supply from outside of Auroville, so it can be manifested with the clear intention of not purchasing anything outside which could be found in Auroville.

• Sustainability as an approach of reducing our impact on our environment by developing closed loop system, waste management and conscious use of material;

• Do it yourself as a discipline to involve the members of the community in each development of the place and to avoid as much as possible the use of money for work force.