Adishakti presents: Land on Fire

A play directed by: Julia Varley (Denmark)

Actress: Carolina Pizarro (Chile)

Stage Manager: Karin Ahlström

Co- producción: Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (Denmark) / Triskel Artes Escénicas (Chile)

A work that explores the concept of travel rooted in a land of memories of a female imaginary: a land where the fire stays lit as a sign that there is still a home. The memory travels through the roots of her own history and of other Chilean women who have embarked on a journey. Some decided to travel, others were forced to do so. But for each of them this transit was a transformation. Only then there is no difference between the present and the past, they intermingle, they penetrate and the word travel is imbued with a deep sense of life.

Land of Fire was created in Teaterlaboratorium Nordisk within a research project called “Travels of an actress to the dramaturge of the spectacle” by Julia Varley and in collaboration with members of the Odin Teatret.

November 12, 2014 at 7 p.m. Duration: 50 Minutes
No entry for latecomers
Language: Spanish (supporting English reading material will be provided)

Sir Ratan Tata Koothu Kovil
Edyanchavadi Road, Diagonally opposite Hope