Now we will count to twelveand we will all keep stillfor once on the face of the earth,let’s not speak in any language;let’s stop for a second,and not move our arms so much.
It would be an exotic momentwithout rush, without engines;we would all be togetherin a sudden strangeness’
The IInd Lockdown Weekend is here. Artsforward & Pickle Factory propose this excerpt from Pablo Neruda’s ‘Keeping Quiet’ as a prompt to create a short max 2 min improv piece. 

Mail it to us on latest by tomorrow Apr 3, 7 pm IST. Open to dancers anywhere in the world !
We will curate one piece each hour :12 hours 8-8 each on Sat and Sun. Marking the hours of the lockdown with movement art !
Brought to you by ArtsForward and Pickle Factory Dance Foundation.
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