I would like to take the opportunity to share with all of you that I have a new website and blog called StoryYoga for Children which is devoted to sharing my children’s stories.  You can visit it at www.storyyoga.wordpress.com .  There you will find audio narrated stories that you can experience, including my children’s book Yaroslava’s Flowers with full color illustrations. Currently there are four stories on the site, with more to come, including some translated and recorded in other languages like Russian and eventually German, Italian, and French (and more in the future hopefully!).

These are all stories I have written over the years and decided, instead of waiting for years to do illustrations and offer a book, I would begin by offering it in audio format to put it out into the world and allow people to experience them.  All my stories are written to inspire something of our deeper Soul and Spirit, and while they are meant for children they are also inspiring for adults and children of all ages (like me!).

Please share with your children, friends, and family and have them share it as well!  Sharing this with your social media and other community connections is the best way to help support these stories, so that people will connect with them directly.  I have also a Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/StoryYogaforChildren/ ), so you can follow this page, or also follow the website which is also a blog.  You can also follow me on Instagram (@StoryYoga) but currently am not able to upload images/videos yet – hopefully soon.

I am also on Twitter (@YogaPoetry), so you can join me there too.  Please feel free to offer feedback!  I have also included on the site other ways you can support this project – including a need for translators, illustrators, publicity, and other inspiring story resources that can be shared.  Anyone who wishes to donate to the project can also do so through the site.

Thank you very much for exploring this new site and helping to spread the news and make it something special for children, parents and others around the world.  Take care and best Wishes.

Peace and Light,