On 25 June Paola will take her ‘Savitri – The finding of the Soul and the victory over Death’  into yet another space and ambience in Rome: this time it will be in Velletri on Rome’s Alban Hills where she will highlight the book & Sri Aurobindo’s vision in the context of ‘Laboratorio del Risveglio’,  i.e. ‘Laboratory of Awakening’.

The varied programme, running through two days, Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 June, is organised by the ‘Chai Qi’ Cultural Association, with the sponsorship of the municipality of Velletri.

A wide variety of participants is expected, among whom the staff of the famous Borgian Museum in Velletri (one of the first European musea, originated at the end of the 18th century and dedicated to the East, it contains many Indian paintings and scriptures, old books and manuscripts etc.), as well as students and teachers of yoga, hatha yoga, aikido, t’ai chi, acupuncture, Tibetan students etc etc.

Paola’s talk will take place on Sunday 2.30pm. The complete programme can be perused on ChaiQi’s Facebook page.