The Presence
In the stillrodness
of the great red trees
In the stillness
of the large blue oceans
In the stillness
of the vast and limitless sky
There is the peace
and the radiance of the One
There is the breathless
golden brilliance of the sun
There is the calm
and shining presence of the moon
There is the softness
and the fragrance of the rose
There is the openness
of the heart to divine love
There is the gift of the forest
and its oneness that surrounds us
There is the presence
of its absolute embrace.
There is the silence
of the sunlight in the leaves
There is the stillness
of the heart and mind and sight
There is the stillness
of the body of the earth
There is the stillness
of the soul that can listen
There is the consciousness
that can hear the presence of truth
That speaks in every leaf
and in every branch of wisdom
That is death 
in the silence of the soul
That is birth
in the plenitude of its life
Ascending from this vast
and empty stillness to the Light
Uniting by its presence
every being, and every luminous emanation.