Phenomenalindia is a new project by Marco Saroldi about the incredible variety of surrealistic stories you can find in this country. Every week we will publish one of his works.

Tailor-made gate

PONDICHERRY – Whether we attribute the origin of the stroke of genius to the size of the car or the minuteness of the garage. The fact is that the car owner had the brilliant idea of using a recess in the wall of his home and turning it into a garage.

A double garage, nonetheless. Since, while at it, the owner also made room for a second car. 

Turns out the new subcompact, a gleaming red Hyundai, was 50 centimetres longer than the hole in the wall. Taking a creative leap, the car owner hired a skilled craftsman and designed a tailor-made gate. 

It’ll be hard to change cars in the future; for now, he can enjoy the luxury of having a garage and sleep peacefully knowing that his car is safe from bad weather and night thugs. 

Perhaps a problem of building abuse would have to be resolved at some point. But best to leave the burning question to the experts.

© Marco Saroldi