– grants for a temporary residence at renowned institutions for dance and choreography abroad
– a non-paid participation in an ensemble or a placement with a choreographer at home or abroad
– the studies of dance techniques with renowned personalities at home or abroad

The scholarship holders are getting the chance to gain new experiences and are encouraged to develop their own artistic characteristics with new forms of expression.

For that purpose you need to look for a partner in whose work you are interested in or with whom you would like to cooperate. Cooperating partners can be renowned ensembles, choreographers, and also institutions and personalities from dance- or choreographic training institutions. The plans for the fellowship are to be prearranged together with this partner. Possible projects could be collaboration in form of an externship with a choreographer or a stay at a renowned training institution as a visiting student. Each applicant has to contact their cooperating partner themselves and have the planned project confirmed in a “letter of intent”.


An application for the Pina Bausch Fellowship 2018 is possible from June 1st to September 15th, 2017, and only online fellowship.pinabausch.org