priya_38_Sasang-Opening_1000Dear friends

I wanted to share some news from Korea with all of you.

My time in Korea as an artist-in-residence at the Clayarch Gimhae museum is coming to an end. It has been a time of experimentation, learning and now, exhaustion…!

And I am very much looking forward to return back home to India and Auroville.

Also this last month, there is a flurry of group and 2-person shows that I am part of.

This Friday June 20th, I present my works along with a young Korean ceramicist, Lee YunHee, at the Indian Art Museum in Seoul. The show is titled ‘Paths of Pilgrimage‘ and our works are inspired by poems from Tagore’s Gitanjali. See the invitation below.

On June 10th, the women artists at the residency opened a show at Busan titled ‘49:51; 51:49‘.
Some images at:…

On June 25th, the last show with works of all 8 artists-in-residence will be at the Gimhae Domestic airport (June 25th – August 31st).

Korea is a beautiful country with very warm hearted, spirited, and down-to-earth people. I am grateful to be here.

much love and light

Priya Sundaravalli