Workshop on the 23rd and 24th of January 2016 from 10h to 13h

at CRIPA – Kala Bhumi Auroville

theme : « The being a mirror of the cosmos »
with Poumi Lescaut dancer, choreographer, singer, art-therapist

Sacred contemporary dance, voice and improvisation

« Recognising the sacred in one self and in the other, is the key to the transformation of the self and the society, that cannot find it’s harmony solely from a materialistic point of view»

It’s a work on the cosmic memories we carry within ourselves by reaching out to the inconscient deeps through the body.
One creates the conditions for an opening and for perception through the structure and unfolding of contemporary dance by involving the body.
Then there is the workshop where we work on the theme of “inquiry into the memories of the body” which then becomes instrumental to the revelation of these memories.
We end with a sharing so as to put into words what one has just lived/experienced.
It is a journey seeking unexplored inner spaces, intending to draw closer to the “wholeness” of our being.

To know more visit: www.poumi.com

Participation required per day: Rs. 500 for guests; Rs. 200 for aurovilians and volunteers

to book please call 9159344341 or poumi.l@poumi.com