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Rendezvous with Vijayanagar, an art conclave with the theme ‘inner space and outer space’ was a visual treat for the connoisseurs of art in Bellary

‘Rendezvous with Vijayanagar’, an art conclave with the theme ‘inner space and outer space’ was a visual treat for the connoisseurs of art.

The creations of art and crafts at the art camp, with a blend of clay, ceramics and iron and steel, and also several fusion elements, by a team of acclaimed and pre-eminent curators and artists from the well-known Auroville in Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, was on display at Kaladham, an art gallery in Vidyanagar towship of JSW Steel limited in Toranagal.

The art camp was organised under the aegis of JSW Foundation, which takes care of JSW Steels Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities with a fundamental belief that art is an agile and active phenomenon and it flourishes better with new blend of outlook, medium, concepts, surroundings and perspectives in order to stay young, fresh and appealing to the artistes and also admirers. The focus of the initiative was to provide a new colour and shape to pottery, scripture creation by infusion ceramic and iron material. School students, art teachers, housewives, along with local artistes in the vicinity participated in the camp.

The Foundation was also keen to introduce a ‘knowledge and skills exchange programme’ between Kaladham and Auroville artists to promote and stimulate learning and exchange of expertise to ensure that local artists and other interested groups visit Auroville It was also aimed to ensure that it would not only promote the art of pottery and ceramic but also nurture the traditional art forms.

Nausheen Bari, Marie-Claire Barsotti (France), Puneet Brar, Kratu (Italy), Chantal Gowa, Saravanan, Nele Martens (Germany), Ramesh Oorothumkandy, Saraswati Sidorenko (Russian) Sabrina Srinivas were the artists to participate in the camp headed by Priva Sundarvalli.