conducted by Chloé
with the support of the French Pavilion

Do you know that sound can be used as a way to express yourself and your creativity?
By not making only music, but with sounds recorded around you.
Like soundscape, birdsongs, wind through the branches, a motorbike passing, water flowing and voices around you who sing, speak, scream, shout, tell and sometimes confide.
The microphone gives us the possibility to record and fix sounds in many ways.
To play and express creativity with all those sounds, we use an editing program.

For one week, Chloé, an Aurovilian friend, working independently for Radio France and studying electro-acoustic music in Paris, will give a one-week workshop on how to record and edit sound by using the program REAPER.

She’ll give an overview of fundamental techniques for recording and editing.
Participants will learn this program by making a portrait of someone (or something) from Auroville. After that, for those who want it, we’ll include your « portrait » into the radio installation: The Voices of Auroville for the Auroville festival in Chennai (1st – 21st March 2015) at the Lalit Kala Academy Art exhibition in Chennai.

Date: Monday 16th to Thursday 19th, February 2015
Friday, February 20th: Open practice
Time: 2 to 4:30 pm

Venue: AurovilleRadio, Town Hall ground floor

Equipment: provided by AurovilleRadio but if you have any, bring your laptop and recording machines.

Contribution: Rs 1,000 for guests/ Rs 500 for volunteers / Free for Aurovilians