Filmed in India  “Behind the Label” tells stories of the combined lifecycle of cotton”-from plantations to textiles – of GM cotton failure with those taking the difficult path back to organically grown cotton. A path that starts with the recovery of traditional seeds to interviews with prominent advocates that will surprise the audience and give hope to the cause.
“In less than a decade, 216.000 farmers have committed suicide in despair and shame caused by the unbearable burden of debts for their GM crops. It is an ever-escalating scandal that raises many questions 

Date – Tuesday 22 of September

Venue: Hall of Light Creativity

Time 6.30pm

Duration of the Movie: 1 Hr

Language: English

Topics for discussion: 1. What’s the impact of these crops in terms of life quality for those men, women and children who grow them? 2. What are the real interests of global multinationals who rule the world of cotton?

Objective – write your question to the fashion industry