The Dum Pukht Writers’ Workshop is a two-week, in-residence workshop for fiction writers ready to take their work seriously. Really seriously. The workshop is activity-centered and intensely experiential. You will interact with several instructors, all experts in different aspects of writing. You will also critique and learn from the work of thirteen other writers. The workshop offers a unique opportunity to explore and enhance your writing voice.

‘Dum Pukht’ is a Persian/Mughal cooking technique in which meat and vegetables are transformed by cooking them in a closed container over a slow fire, so as to preserve natural flavours. This is also what happens to the Dum Pukht workshop’s participants (metaphorically speaking, of course). Writing workshops can do a great deal of good and sometimes a great deal of harm. But most often they usually don’t do anything at all. The weekend workshop is usually too brief to effect any lasting change. On the other hand, an MFA is perhaps an over-commitment of time and money. There isn’t much of an attempt to follow-up or build a community of writers. And of course, writing workshops aren’t exactly cheap.

The Dum Pukht workshop was founded to address these problems. Adishakti is a distraction-free, sylvan environment where writers can be given the time to get to the heart of their writing issues. And the time to discover those gifts that are unique to them. Finally, our commitment is long-term. That this is the third in the Dum Pukht series suggests something is right with our cooking.

Instructors: Anil Menon, Akshat Nigam, Pervin Saket
Guest Instructor: Himanjali Sankar

Workshop dates: 5th – 17th November, 2018
Application deadline: September 10th, 2018
Only 14 Seats Available
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