On Wednesday 7th of February, there was an informal sharing with Maurice Fernandez at Spirit & Nature, in Anusuya forest.

Maurice is an inspired Evolutionary Astrology counsellor and teacher, currently based in the United States. He has a long relation with the White Lions and is part of the Faculty of the Academy of LionHearted Leadership. This is where I met Maurice last year.

The topic of our coming together was: The White Lions of Timbavati, messengers from the Stars. It was a special occasion to know first hand about the White Lions and about this unique Conservation and Leadership project and enjoy a moment in the forest garden!

The togetherness was a concentrated presence, sharing connections with Nature spirit.

Nature is such a special gift of the divine spirit to have around. It brings us back to the simple beauty of existence which is nowadays often forgotten.

The love for nature we all have was tangible.

Khusum Dhar Prabhu, Jungian analyst based in Bangalore was also present. She was an assisting teacher for the ‘White Lion Dreaming’ module during the last Academy. She related her powerful experience encountering the Lions.

We are so fortunate to live in Auroville, a place on earth which aspires for Human Unity including the multidimensional way of existence.

Sun light, Aikya

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