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After hosting more than 130 theatre practitioners from all over the world at our theatre for the third edition of Ecole Nomade, a theatre workshop conducted by the Ariane Mnouchkine and the team of Théâtre du Soleil last month, we are geared to welcome our audiences whole of this month.

Kira Kozhambu Date: 9th February 2020Time: 6pmVenue: Indianostrum Theatre
We are happy to host the 100th show of Perch Theatre’s ‘Kira Kozhambu’. It is a story-telling performance in Tamil, based on the folk tales of Tamilnadu by Ki. Rajanarayanan.ENTRY FREE. FIRST COME FIRST.

Chandâla, impure
(an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet in Tamil)
as part of National School of Drama’s 21st Bharat Rang Mahotsav Parallel Theatre Festival  
Date: 13th February 2020Time: 6.30pmVenue: Indianostrum Theatre 
This is exciting time for theatre lovers in Pondicherry. National School of Drama for the first time is conducting Parallel theatre festival in Pondicherry from 12th to 18th of February. All the performances except Chandala, impure will take place in Adishakti Lab for Theatre Arts and Research, Auroville. Attached please find the schedule for the festival.ENTRY FREE. FIRST COME FIRST

Flying Chariot(s)Date: 21, 22, 23 February 2020Time: 7pmVenue: Indianostrum TheatreA story about stories.
The stories we tell to our children speak of heroes who are capable of always being right, always courageous and always truthful. Ajay is one of those children who likes to believe in these stories, especially to the story of King Yudhishthira and his flying chariot. As a child, Ajay always wanted to fly, become a pilot, and always tell the truth…  Will this childhood story suffice to explain, to understand the life of this man?Donor Passes will be available at the venue.

Unknown WatersDate: 28, 28 February and 1 MarchTime: 7pmVenue: Indianostrum TheatreWater, Migration, Borders, Despair, Hope, Songs, God. For some of us these are just words but for some they are their only reality.  
Donor Passes will be available at the venue. 
Flying Chariot(s) will also be performed at Alliance française de Pondichéry  on the 15th of February at 7pm. ENTRY FREE. FIRST COME FIRST.

To reserve your seats please write to us on or call us on (413) 2341475. See you soon.
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Upcoming Activities at Indianostrum Théâtre
9th February | 6pm| Perch Theatre’s Kira Kozhambu13th February | 6.30pm | Chandâla, impure as part of Bharat Rang MahatsvaParallel Festival 21-23 February | 7pm | Flying Chariot(s)

Indianostrum Théâtre at Alliance française de Pondichéry
15th February | 7pm | Flying Chariot(s)