ATB-1A Sufi tale:

“After the gods had created the world, they decided they would create truth. In order that we humans should not discover it immediately, they had to discover where they should hide the truth.
Should it be put on the highest mountain, or in the deepest cave, or on the furthest star?
All the gods had different ideas as the best hiding place, but the oldest and wisest god had the best idea.
He suggested hiding the truth in the very heart of us, knowing that we would look all over the world long before we thought to look inside ourselves.”

ATB-2Practicing ATB has enriched me throughout the years with experiences of expanded attention… Experiences that feel to me as an access towards wearing myself “outside in” –
The “in” is awake and suspended to recognise different movements simultaneously, open to realize greater possibilities away from my repetitive patterns.
Then it is clear that life is a tool for growth into a wider sense of self.

ATB-3-logoDeveloping an awareness of the witness attitude, the observer within, goes on in all our work in Awareness through the Body. It is a never-ending process, a theme that resurfaces and grows. It is this witness attitude along with a deep sincerity and a strong will that open access, first to the inner self, and later to the psychic being. With the witness attitude the individual does not identify himself any more with any of the different planes of his being, instead he starts to differentiate all the different planes and find a “presence” in himself that is free of all mental, vital, and physical movements.

– Aloka Marti & Joan Sala, founders of ATB.


Upcoming workshops in Auroville:

Oct 7th-9th: ATB3 – Exploring the principles of ATB and their practical application.

Dec 3rd&4th: ATB1 – Exploring the basics. Participation in this workshop is a prerequisite for participation in any of the other ATB workshops.

Dec 27th-29th: ATB2 – Deepening and integrating the basics.

All at ATB hall, Transition school 09:00 to 17:00 daily.


Upcoming in Mumbai next month:

Oct 15th&16th: ATB1 introductory training workshop.

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“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”
Anaïs Nin

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