A half-day workshops by Siddharth Pathak at Gallery Square Circle, Bharat Nivas.


December 16. 201- 2 to 5 pm

Theme: creating art from waste Materials

What we will do: Art & Crafts – We will create art from regular household/urban waste materials – plastic wrappers, paper, plastic bottles, bottle caps, straws, old cloth, strings, cardboard boxes, dry leaves, small branches etc. We will also incorporate paints into the works of art we will create. (Participants must get their own dry household waste, as mentioned above). NOTE: Wear Old Clothes

PLEASE NOTE: Kindly book your seat for the workshops by mail or phone, at least 3 days in advance. If we have spots open we will also take walk-ins. – – Call: 2622488/7039740667/Mimi – 9810101602 (Free for Aurovilians & Newcomers)

Introduction to the Artist:

Siddharth Pathak – Contemporary Abstract Expressionist – A Self-taught Artist who has taken it upon himself to capture states of the human mind through periods of memory formation, emotional transitions, and personal transformation. The continuous transformation of human consciousness through sentient life is his chosen area of work. His journey towards understanding the ways of our mind, has found expression through texture, colour and visual motion.

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