from Krupa:
Excited to finally have the video online and available to share! Given the relevant power of images in this talk, please find the 9 slides I compiled for reference on my blog as well as the video itself.

Most (if not all) of the speakers had professional guidance and coaching for their talks, due to travel and financial limitations I crafted this talk without much external help. I learned more than I ever would have expected in delivering this one talk, especially in the late changes to refine it for a wider audience.

Admittedly due to nerves I left out an important and simple definition of art therapy, sharing the intended excerpt below. It is a true act of self-compassion to judge less, accept more and know that this is just one step in a rich and meaningful journey to share the power of art. Thank you for following!
What is art therapy? People around the world often ask me this question and I say: when we create, it is our subconscious reflecting itself in what we make. I am trained to see certain patterns in that visual language, but each person knows their own stories and symbols better than I do, so I am available to help guide people to see their reflection. This mirror is a tool for deeper self-awareness, understanding, insight, growth, storytelling, letting go, and sharing.