AVAG ANNUAL WOMEN’S FESTIVAL – Pre-events – Pattimandram
Cultural program / Aug 19, 2017 / 10:00 AM / AVAG office , Irumbai village
Pattimandram –

Saturday August 19th, 10m-3pm for traditional debating, speeches, and games.

AVAG ANNUAL WOMEN’S FESTIVAL is an annual collaboration between the Udhayam Women’s Federation and Auroville Village Action Group. 5,000 men and women will gather to honour and celebrate women on Sunday, October 1st at the AVAG campus in Irumbai . This annual event is a co-operative initiative involving women’s and men’s groups, Paalam youth club members, government school teachers, Auroville community and services, local government officers and AVAG team.

Currently pre-events and trainings are happening with weekly gatherings of women for games, debating and cultural activity training and competitions. These events are being supported by teachers from the local government schools who act as trainers and competition judges and there will be training given in traditional dance forms such as Thappattam with small drums, Kolattam Stick dance and Karagattam which is performed with a pot on the head.

Please join us at AVAG, office in Irumbai for the following pre festival events where we expect 500-600 women to take part each day :

Pattimandram – Saturday August 19th, 10m-3pm for traditional debating, speeches, and games.

Cultural Performances – Tuesday August 29th , 10.am-3pm for traditional song, drama and dance.

Traditional Games – Tuesday, September 5th, 10am-3pm – enjoy and take part in Koko and Kubadi and many other outdoor traditional games and competitions.

The above structure of pre-events gives a chance to every woman to participate in events and training, it helps to build confidence and empower the women to believe in themselves and the richness of their heritage, which is rapidly eroding in this age of mass media. All the above events will culminated in the final celebration where everyone will come together to honour and celebrate women.

For further details of Auroville Village Actions work please contact

avagoffice@auroville.org.in, 0413-26278871,



Directions to the events:

We are located in Irumbai on the same campus as Auroville Institute of Applied Technology,
If you are coming from Visitors centre direction you pass by Sustainable Livelihood Institute and the Irumbai temple on the right then come to the T junction of the main highway and go directly across to the road on the other side and follow it for about 800 Metres, you will see AVAG and AIAP sign boards, turn in left and through the gate.