The Pavillon de France and Auroville International France presents in collaboration with the French Theater Company “Le PasSage”:


French Theater
Public Rehearsal
In French only

Interpretation and staging:
Jean-Paul Sermendiras and
Olivier Ythier

Saturday 17th March 2018 at 8pm,
Bharat Nivas – International Zone – Auroville
duration 90min

“The poem is a stopping point. He stops the language on itself; it forbids his squandering in the vast commerce that is the world. Against the obscenity of “seeing everything”, and “saying everything”, and showing everything, and all probing, and commenting everything, the poem is the guardian of the decency of saying. “- Alain Badiou

Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Satprem and Sri Aurobindo, four poets, four attempts to reach an enlightened consciousness.

“And yet it’s the hour before dawn”, the title of the show that we are creating, during this residency in Auroville, will be played this summer at the Avignon Festival, and this autumn in Paris. We will present a public rehearsal this Saturday at 8pm at Bharat Nivas. This show tries with these texts as different as deep to take us to what we may be richer in us, our poetry