Over the past few years, Noel and Jyoti have been working on a Japanese Garden at the Auroville Botanical Gardens.  With donations and recycled materials, the garden has slowly progressed and begun to come alive with Beauty, revealing the artistic spirit that lies behind gardening and the Japanese tradition of landscaping.  Now the project is in need of more funds to continue with the next phase, which includes a Japanese Pavilion of Silence for tea ceremonies, meditation, and other cultural activities for Asia, as well as a large stone garden, among other features.


Please visit GoFundMe campaign ( www.gofundme.com/japanese-garden-of-peace )to see our new video done by volunteer Lucas O’Pheonix, and other pictures, which shows the detailed work that has been done and introduces what still needs to be completed.  Anyone can donate directly on the site, or also donate through AV account #251761 (for Japanese Garden), or contact Noel at earthyoga@hotmail.com for other ways.


You can also help The project greatly by sharing The GoFundMe campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.  Please help us spread the word so that many others can support the project.