HenkHenk van Putten will exhibit his work at Art Bengaluru from 19 to 28 August.

Amsterdam born artist Henk van Putten is a Dutch artist who calls India home. He settled in Auroville in 2001. He is an independent designer and sculptor who has participated in exhibitions and art fairs across Europe. Some included the Art Basel-Cologne-Frankfurt, ASB Galleries London and Barcelona, PAN Amsterdam, Galleria Carl VanderVoort-Ibiza, Gallery Bozar-Antwerp and Gallery Am Zee-witzerland among many others. In 2014 his work ‘Stretching’ won the Liu Kaiqu Excellence Award, Wuhu, China. He works with various materials like steel, stone, bronze and wood to form the building blocks of his sculptures and multi- dimensional objects.

(Photos Marco Saroldi)

Henk sculpture