Watercolour Geometry with Gino


Every Monday, 5 to 7pm. Creativity Atelier.

Watercolour is more than creating Art

– it is also a meditative practice.

In the first session, we will learn the subtle art of the brush stroke, and appropriate posture and breathing. Later we will look at how to use colours to create various tonalities, create distances and perspectives.

During the session there will be plenty of opportunities to see yourself in various moods and emotions in a very short time span. Some people might feel “I can’t do it! I am too clumsy! I am too this and not enough of that!” This is the same as when you sit and meditate: in one sitting you just sit quietly and in the next a crowd of monkeys jump inside your head. Or the disappointment when you have done something beautiful and then you add one more stroke and mess it all up.

Although an Art, the concept of the exercises is very similar to the martial arts discipline.

The ritual of painting is a path to raise one’s level of consciousness and awaken a power that lies within. Watercolour geometry can be a very powerful tool to centre oneself. When you practice watercolour geometry, it makes you see various aspects of yourself, of your personality and ego structure.

Fixed contribution for guests, reduction for Volunteers, Aurovilians and Newcomers are welcome to donate.

Call Gino on 9047097812 or email to creeva@auroville.org.in for more information.