My name is Pawan Rochwani and you can say that I am a part of this new renaissance where we want to bring a change in the world by being creative and entrepreneur both. We at Platform For Artists (PFA) are building a community of artists which emphasizes on collaboration, because art is more about collaboration rather than competition. When we say artist, we do not mean that he/she should be a published author or a professional photographer he/she can be corporate employee but if they have an artistic interest they are free to be a part of this.


As a part of our initiatives, we have brought in the following two projects for the artistic community-


  1. PFA Meetups:The initiative, titled Weekend Artists, aims to bring together those people who have taken a break from their artistic selves to keep cultivating it. We arrange meetups where people come together on weekends, openly discuss art and exchange ideas. To this date, we have been able to conduct 18 meetups in 6 different cities.


  1. PFA Art Getaways:We strongly believe in the role of travel in creative expansion. As a result, we conduct themed group trips in which artists from different parts of the country and different domains collaborate and create art at these locations through collective experience. We have successfully conducted two trips, one in Manali, and the other in Goa.

Here are the links to both the projects


Artists Collaboration in Manali


Artists Collaboration in Goa Photo


Artists Collaboration in Goa Video


As a part of our initiative we will be coming to Pondicherry in the month of August. We will be having a group of 30 artists of different art domains with us and we would like to associate with you to conduct one session so that we all can learn from you.


Let me know when is a good time to call you and discuss this further in a better way.



Pawan Rochwani

Founder – Platform For Artists

+91 9028224420